Iroko hardwood gate

Written by Beth Bright

Your guide to the perfect wooden gate

Handmade wooden gate

There’s something about the click of garden gates. Remember as a kid when you waited for the postman on your birthday? Or the much anticipated arrival of a loved one? The first sign was often the sound of the gate opening and then…

Wherever you live, a gate creates a stylish signature to a fence or wall and brings a sense of security. The kids are safe, pets are happy and you can relax.

What kind of wooden gate?

It seems obvious but first of all, decide why you want a gate. Is it to make your home more private? Or use as a boundary in a field or pasture? Maybe it’s simply to make your property look even better. Traditional, contemporary or something bespoke, we’ve got the gate for you. We also supper fantastic timber gate posts in Dorset.

Which wood?

We have a range of top class timber. From Scandinavian Redwood to Iroko hardwood, John Bright’s craftsmen love working with wood in our onsite workshop. Wood is natural, ages beautifully and is extremely versatile and durable. It also allows us to create a gate that is unique if you prefer something bespoke.

Made to measure wooden gates

Border gate in wall

Tall, short, wide, narrow or to fit in that awkward space, we can solve the problem and produce a gate to be proud of.

What does ‘pressure treated’ mean?

It stops any natural decay. A pressure treated wooden gate can still be painted or stained to suit your style of home.

How about installation?

You can do it yourself or we can install the gate for you.

What next?

Take a look at our range including Cottage garden, Charles and Border gates. Or talk to us about what you need. We’ve been hand making gates for over 35 years and our craftsmen are highly skilled, so we’re sure to be able to help. Then look forward to the click of your gate and the memories it makes.

Dog and gate in field